What up Rosh. I'm new to the game and never played Karos. First month was crazy not having a wiki back then and building a character was cumbersome. Player1 is my 4th toon, experimented with blader at first, soc, and a gunner and back to bader. The rivalries between the guilds is pretty fun but it sucks to be the low man on the totem pole under lvl 70 when 90% of the big guilds players are above 70. Nothing more frustrating than getting 1 hit killed from behind and not have a chance. But, been grinding and hope to break the lvl 70 barrier soon and at least make people hit me twice before they kill me. Also it is frustrating to not have floating island for 61-70. Losing out on all those opportunities for EOV's. Did my first CS last week and it was so much fun. My first MTO the week before was a little disappointing only because there was no opposing guild so we just stood around and joked. Boss killing is fun, especially trying to get the loot before getting killed. Kinda wish the guilds would have more wars but might regret saying that. Overall having a pretty good time in Rosh making friends, learning the game and grind grind grinding. Why is there so much dang grinding after lvl 40? Seems to get to lvl 40 by simply questing then so much grinding and no new quests after lvl 70? Come on dev, help us break up the repetitivie stuff abit.

Player1 18:07, June 20, 2012 (UTC)player1

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