aka Player2

  • I live in Midwest United States
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Female
  • PrincessSlived

    Let's see. I haven't been in Rosh long, but have built about a million toons, trying to find what I liked. Then I found the Sorceress. She is squishy, hits weak... but has debuffs that can infuriate other players with minimal effort. SHE was for me! If they would fix the DOT's I think I would have the potential to be a real beast... til then, I will just hide behind Player1, and debuff your HK.

    I am actually a good bit nicer then I sound... But I am sarcastic, and if you lack a sense of humor, I will probably mess with you more, just to make you angry. I am indifferent to your drama, but I am a fierce friend, and always try to help those who help me.

    Last but not least... If you see me... and can kill me in one hit... please don't. :D


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