aka Cristian

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is Player Rosh Online,Designer.
  • NightBladz

    Explore the mysterious new island of Seron. Ghastly creatures lurk in the shadows. Team up with your allies to smite your enemies upon the war-torn fields of Seron Island. Navigate through the terrains, pass by the forests and brace yourself along the terra form chasms of Seron Island. Claim the new plains of Seron Island as yours! Immense Content Update Patch Note:1. Spicy Wardrobes Sale! (click here) *30% OFF on all permanent level 1 or 40 costumes! 2. Event Soul Stones! (click here) *Empower your gear with the Limited Time Event Soul Stones!
    *Green Color Soul Stones = Gloves & Boots
    *Blue Color Soul Stones = Torsos & Legs 3. New Level Cap (75)! 4. 3rd PK Armor and Weapon Set (75)! 5. Auto-Moving System! 6. New Instance Dungeon (70)! 7. Boss Mo…

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