Week 1 complete!

We're really excited to see what happens with the wiki before the event ends on June 30th. So far we're getting a lot of contributions from a small group of dedicated members. More people have registered than are adding content, and we'd love to see these fresh new faces throw in some support!

Remember, every little bit counts. Whatever you can do to improve or grow the site is appreciated, and it won't go unnoticed!

What still needs done...

We're filling the wiki up with content, but we're getting a little sloppy. We'd love to see more people talking, asking questions, or making suggestions/recommendations using the wiki comments or "talk" pages. Think things should be organized differently? Should there be a PvE section? Should "Guild Warfare" fall under Guild or PvP? We want to know what you think! Encouraging discussion can be jsut as valuable as adding content!

We need mroe people editing. Wiki software is designed for mass use - the more people you can recommend to come on here, the better. At our current rate, with so few people contributing, we can't justify awarding the maximum 200% community boost in July :( (individual prizes are still coming, of course!). So tell your friends, party members, guildmates, whoever to get their fannies in here and lend their voice!

A new place for newbies and discussion!

Check out the updated Rosh Online Wiki:Community Portal or Rosh Online Wiki:About pages to learn more about how you can help. Spread the word!

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