Wiki: Day 1...

And it's looking great so far! Nightbladz is just filling the site up with content and it's been a big help. It's good to have the information on here first, then more users can add, edit, revise, and format it as we go along. We're loaded up on pictures and screenshot, and remember none of the formatting that's already in place needs to be permanent. If you want to change some stuff around anywhere, replace a table with a good image, change the navigation system, anything - go for it. If it's something you can't do or you need an admins help on, feel free to leave a comment on my Talk Page.

There are lots of ways to help:

Remember we're working toward helping all of our players, so every little bit helps. If you're bad at writing, you can still copy information from the website or other places online. If you're good at writing, you can help edit information from people who might not be so good. :)

We want to give you credit!

But we can't do it unless you give yourself credit first! So remember to make a name that's your character name, or mention somewhere in your profile what your character name is, so we know who to reward at the end of the month!

And lastly...

I know putting effort into the Rosh wiki pretty much means taking some time away from Rosh Online. If you can do both, that's great! But remember that if the wiki gets big enough, we'll be distributing big, big online bonuses for when you're playing in early July. I think it's definitely worth it - and feel free to ask your friends or your guild if they can help. The more people editing, the more pages we'll get done, the bigger the wiki gets, and the bigger the bonuses and prizes get! Win Win!

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