First, I'd like to thank every one of you who has contributed to the growth of this site. We at Ignited Games are terribly proud of the work we've all put into this, and I personally cannot wait to see what this page grows into in the future.

Wiki Pride 2

I love seeing this in my email.

As it stand now, all of our contributors will be benefitting from their work w/ in-game items and such. But know that the real reward of having a place like this is to help the Rosh community help itself. One of the first things I recognized when learning this game is how little information is available, even on the infinite Internet! There's a lot to do in Rosh and as this site continues to expand, a lot of future players will benefit from what we've built.

So don't stop! Continue to archive monsters and items, to elaborate on enchanting and expand the options of crafting. Explore different facets of the game and begin posting the subtleties that are easily overlooked. Ideally, the wiki can serve as a kind of informal, informative game manual - an expansion of the (admittedly limited) help menu. We can post anything Rosh here, and what's the end goal? To post everything Rosh here.

And since this is an ongoing game, with patches and updates and new events and new Game Masters and new things happening every day... there's really no limit. Unlike your character (which has a level cap), there's no stopping the growth of this page. And it's all about creativity!

That having been said, you can expect to see less of the GMs monitoring this site in the future. As we work to maintain and improve Rosh Online, to fix bugs, address concerns, interface with the community, hold events, and work to make the everyday experience better and better - the wiki will fall significantly on our list of job duty priorities. So we won't be around nearly as much - but that doesn't mean we're not keeping an occasional eye on it, and that doesn't mean new leadership roles can't emerge!

Remember, this wiki isn't for Ignited Games, it's not for the Game Masters, it's not for prizes or recognition or any of that. It's here as a resource for the community at large - it's for you!

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