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  • GMFancyPants

    First, I'd like to thank every one of you who has contributed to the growth of this site. We at Ignited Games are terribly proud of the work we've all put into this, and I personally cannot wait to see what this page grows into in the future.

    As it stand now, all of our contributors will be benefitting from their work w/ in-game items and such. But know that the real reward of having a place like this is to help the Rosh community help itself. One of the first things I recognized when learning this game is how little information is available, even on the infinite Internet! There's a lot to do in Rosh and as this site continues to expand, a lot of future players will benefit from what we've built.

    So don't stop! Continue to archive monsters and …

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  • GMFancyPants

    We're really excited to see what happens with the wiki before the event ends on June 30th. So far we're getting a lot of contributions from a small group of dedicated members. More people have registered than are adding content, and we'd love to see these fresh new faces throw in some support!

    Remember, every little bit counts. Whatever you can do to improve or grow the site is appreciated, and it won't go unnoticed!

    We're filling the wiki up with content, but we're getting a little sloppy. We'd love to see more people talking, asking questions, or making suggestions/recommendations using the wiki comments or "talk" pages. Think things should be organized differently? Should there be a PvE section? Should "Guild Warfare" fall under Guild or …

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  • GMFancyPants

    And it's looking great so far! Nightbladz is just filling the site up with content and it's been a big help. It's good to have the information on here first, then more users can add, edit, revise, and format it as we go along. We're loaded up on pictures and screenshot, and remember none of the formatting that's already in place needs to be permanent. If you want to change some stuff around anywhere, replace a table with a good image, change the navigation system, anything - go for it. If it's something you can't do or you need an admins help on, feel free to leave a comment on my Talk Page.

    Remember we're working toward helping all of our players, so every little bit helps. If you're bad at writing, you can still copy information from the website…

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